Intrusion 2



A brutal mix of action and platforms in 2D


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Intrusion 2 is the perfect combination of action and 2D platform game. By taking all the best elements from the classic 16-bit era games for a retro feel, and adding some modern touches of brutality, this game provides a unique experience that has the power to leave its audience reeling.

The gameplay is somewhat reminiscent of classic games such as Ghosts'n'Goblins, Metal Slug and Strider, with 2D landscapes to race through while using various weapons to see off all the enemies that get in your way. The difference of course is that in Intrusion 2, physics takes on an even greater importance. For example, you can grab boxes and throw them to kill your enemies, or use a hook to drag them closer before administering the killer blow.

In some of the levels, you get to use various vehicles and robots that give you the chance to move around the screen in a machine of mass destruction killing hundreds of enemies, and thus having even more fun. Along with the normal enemies, of course, you can also find some bosses that take up most of the screen and prove to be far more difficult to dispose of.

Intrusion 2 is a hilarious arcade title that emulates the games from fifteen years ago whilst adding a modern twist to further increase the fun. Reeling in enemies with a hook in order to spear them with your sword while riding around in a giant robot, what more could you want?

You can only play the first levels.

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